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St. Trapthony's music **PLEASE DOWNLOAD/STREAM FREE TO SHOW SUPPORT** 3/24/2017

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St. Trapthony released a demo EP recently, 10/27/2016. Please view, download free, & support. It can also be downloaded from Datpiff, his BandcampSpinrilla or even on Audiomack.

St. Trapthony has released his debut 4-Track EP Who Is Bon3s for FREE (under his old moniker BON3S) & it's now sponsored so no need for an account to download! It includes a few bonus cuts as well. Please support St. Trapthony Chilla by downloading it FREE here here (#s matter, plz consider DL'ing from the sites to show support). You can listen here (free of course) also to show support. Who is Bon3s is also on My Mixtapez (FREE) & on Bandcamp, Google Play, Tidal, Spotify,  iTunes, Amazon, & basically every streaming online service & online store. If you want to show even MORE support consider purchasing online!

  The more downloads, views, & listens the better! Thanks so much in advance.

Chief Keef-Leanin' (Remix ft St. Trapthony)

Ape Sh1t

U.A.N. (Up All Night)

Glory Road


Entirely recorded, mixed, & mastered at Side Door Media by DJ Creepin.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

House of Krazees/Twiztid/ICP & more underground **Updated 03/05/2018**

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Updates:   HOK-Homebound, Casket Cutz, & Death 4 Any1 who... added since they stopped selling it on Twiztid-Shop, added a link to another site with a lot of underground stuff (site not run by me) at the bottom of this page

***Click on the PICs to download, 99.9% of pics are links***

They eliminated the audio box. Good,

Looks like these are out of print now. 
192/24 WAV tape rip:
This is the remastered CD version.

192/24 WAV 2016 tape rip:

This is the (poorly) remastered CD version only available on tour a few years back. Added the OG tape ripped to 192/24.
192khz/24bit WAVs from the cassette:

Latnem version (not Retro Horror Muzik like the re-release below) which has different sample on a Horror Story, Unconcious, Drug Addict, and Shout Outs.
Latnem SOTP Tape 192/24 WAVs:

FYI: This is a remaster of the Retro Horror Muzik version, NOT Latnem version. This was only available at Frightfest one year. Or by spending $200+ @ Twiztidshop...which I did.

Rev remaster

This was ripped from a cassette that was only played 1 time before, the last time it was ripped. This is better quality.

HOK was on the track Satanic for Life. His website is here: (but be warned: it's pretty clustered). He's also on Tagged: & his FB is: Evol has a music site where you can download his new mixtape:

I believe this was remastered

House of Krazees - All Access Pass DVDr
This is a rare DVDr (full menus, etc) of some rare HOK performance(s). This is an .iso image so it's easily burnable (or mountable) & I included the scan of the cover in PDF form. Originally limited to 50 (supposedly, that's what the cover said on the blank side, /50) & I've never seen this available to download...until now. Enjoy!

House of Krazees-Casket Cutz (tape bonus track)
Ok ya'll, this is the BONUS track ONLY available on the tape of the HOK greatest hits album, Casket Cutz. 

2 Krayzie Devils-Flipped Insanity [Master Copy]
This is a master copy, taken straight from the Lotus Pod PC. 
This has different tracks AND it's better quality.

Krazy Klan-PCB Productions Ethni-City Records Demo-1995(?)
I had to take a guess on the date BUT The demo before developMENTAL is labeled under P.C.B. Productions and every song is different except Can You Feel It. The reasoning is the third 
member of KK got bumped out cause of money issues and management 
issues. Can You Feel It is the same track cause that is the track that got them 
the label deal. if you ever see a copy of this demo that song will be highlighted 
because of this. My source for this info is Joey O the member thats not in the 
group anymore.The production quality itself is kinda shitty. They put it 
together real quick just to have something to burn on a CD. Most songs will 
cut off at the very end but that's just cause its the legit demo. They only made a handful a of copies. THANKS to my source for THIS. I have NEVER seen this.

2013 CD reissue

Virus Independent tracks:

Released on 10/31/2000 1-night only, this is very very rare. I paid good $ to get a copy so here it is, enjoy w/400dpi scans. v0/320 MP3 all in 1 zip for u.


CD 1 ONLY (not the Rattlesnake Ep which is CD2) because CD2 is available to purchase via Google.
Scans only:

***Halfbreed-Kontamination CANNOT be added as you can buy it on CDBABY here***

***Level Jumpers albums CANNOT be added as they're purchasable on CDBABY here***

AMB-2003/2004 Samplers
These are the 2003 & 2004 Samplers with scans of the sampler included.

Insane Clown Posse-Pendulums
These are all perfect FLAC rips+the complete set in MP3. I am missing #8 & #11 as perfect FLAC rips though.

Insane Clown Posse-House of Wax (EP)
Only available w/the First Six boxset.

Golden Goldies-Live in 1995

ICP-Live in 1993

The R.O.C.-I'm Here

Project Born-Losin it (OG single b4 Psychopathic)

The R.O.C.-Sol46 Wormholes Ep

Included CDs: Attack of the Klones, Diamond Cutz Vol 1 & 2, I'm A Menace, Mr. Realist, Nutty, Shadow, & The 6'6 Realist

Myzery-Puerto Rican Day Parade

MASTAMIND-Streetvalu (Lost Souls Records Version)

Myzery-Heaven or Hell Mixtape

Ghetto Devil-The Fallen Ep

UNLV-Foevea wikkid

UNLV-Greatest Shitz Vol. 2

Esham-Boomin Words From Hell (OG Tape--Remastered)
IDK what the difference between the OG tape and the re-release is except the artwork, but I assume if the person remastered the OG tape, there must be a difference. It's in 320kbps.

Insane Clown Posse-Loveline Radio Show 2002
Old but prob hard to find these days.

Insane Clown Posse-The Juggalo XM Radio Show 2001 (see user comment below)
Old but worth hearing

Insane Clown Posse/Twiztid-Phat or Whack?
A classic worth getting.

Twiztid-89x Radio 2 Show

F.R.eeze-The Raw Album-1999
Both 320/v0 included in the zip. Enjoy.

F.R.eeze-The Raw Album (2004 re-release)

F.R.eeze-Beyond Spaced/Winter Gyrls EPs

***Skrapz-Way Better Than You is on Tidal here***

Skrapz-Labwork (promo)/12 Steps Program

Twiztid-Kronik Collection
Covers only as most the songs are available on other comps from PSY or MNE.

ABK / Blaze / Twiztid / Dark Lotus - Live @ GOTJ 2004, 2005, 2006
Vintage shit here. May not be full sets & of course it's LIVE so quality may not be the greatest.

Ringmaster Tour video

GOTJ 2004-05 Live Audio
Pretty sure this isn't soundboard but for those who don't have, this is pretty rare.

The R.O.C.-Bits N Pieces



This has the radio edit+scans. Enjoy.

The 2014 single

320kbps and v0

The deluxe tracks only

From their 2014 This Way To Hell Tour. Bad thing about this is Twiztid only released this as a data cd with a 160kbps mp3 on it. I'm not able to do a flac, no 320, nothing without it being a transcode (which lowers the already-shit quality). 

CD rip

Scans of both the OG & reissue included. You can click either pic.

Scans only

Scans only

Scans only

Very rare demo ft The R.O.C. calling himself SOL for the 1st time. This is from a Detroit mixtape. 

Scans only


Sold-out vinyl limited to /500
M.E.C. Version 320 MP3:

The hidden track only
320 MP3:

Scans only

Scans only

Scans only

Scans only

Scans only

Scans only

Scans only

Scans only

Scans only:

Scans only

Scans only:

Scans only:

Scans only

OG Version Scans:

Scans Only

Scans only

Vinyl scans only

Scans only

So, the printed tracklist is WRONG, the tracks are listed out of order. But the filenames are correct in this. WAV & MP3 uploaded, get scans separately.

2017 Attack of the Ninjas Reissue, scans only. Note that the reissue is NOT remastered.

Scans only:

Scans only

Scans only

Scans only:
Tape remaster:

Limited to just 500 copies available at GOTJ 2017, this sold out quickly. Enjoy.
Scans w/booklet:

So, this was officially issued at GOTJ 2017 & Violent J said this was only going to be pressed & released this one time. It was given away FREE at the seminar. FYI this doesn't sound much better than what we've been listening to since 1995, it's barely remastered. Golden Goldies was a comical group whose lyrics focused solely on gold. The group consisted of Psychopathic Record's employees and friends; Joseph Bruce (Golden Jelly), Joseph Utsler (Gold D), Robert Bruce (Golden Gram), Billy Bill (Gold Double B), Alex Abbiss (Gold Rocks),Mike E. Clark (Gold Digger), Rich Murrell (Golden Warrior), Frank Giammanco (Golden Frank), Keith Jex (Gold Teeth), Josh Silverstein (Rold Gold), Kelly Eubanks (Gold Spud), Dave Fink the East Side G (Golden Toby), and Matt Mackalantie (Gold Spakalantie). Their only LP, Gimme Them Fuckin' Nuggets Bitch, Or I'll Punch Your Fuckin' Face, was recorded in 1995 in a span of one week, and was not publicly released. Golden Goldies was a project put together by Insane Clown Posse for entertainment purposes only. To add more humor to the album, each artist was given only five minutes to write their verses, and had only one take to record them, which resulted in some artists messing up their lines, and lyrics containing "some very strange things." The group held only one live performance, which occurred at the record release party for Insane Clown Posse's RiddleBox.

Scans only

Scans only

Scanz Only

Twiztid-10/30/2017 Fright Fest Single

Single given out for Frightfest on 10/31 only

2017 Hallowicked CD

Twiztid-A Cut-Throat Xmas
Tracks not included on the 2016 vinyl release & scans from the CD below
320 MP3:

Scans only

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